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In order to stay competitive and keep our boarders happy, we have some extra things available for you. We… 

  • Have miles of trails and access to dirt roads
  • Make arrangements for all vaccinations and keep negative Coggins records on file
  • Ensure that all incoming horses are up-to-date before we let them off the trailer
  • Bi-monthly deworming routine
  • Allow you to store your horse trailer at no additional charge
  • Have automatic waterers and maintain them vigilantly
  • Tend to our pastures and fences with extreme care
  • Have rules and a detailed contract to protect everyone and their horses
  • Leave all horses out 24 hours a day in the summer months in order to provide them with the most natural lifestyle possible
  • Provide an excellent, high-quality grain mix (19% protein)
  • Segregate horse pastures according to gender, age, and personality
  • Host clinics and shows in both English and Western disciplines