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Lakeview Farm requires the execution of a detailed contract and sign-off on a set of barn rules before any horse is brought to the farm. It is important to us that all boarders have read and understand our rules and routines which we established to ensure the enjoyment, health, and safety of all the people and animals at Lakeview Farm.

Topics covered by the contract and barn rules documents include (but aren't limited to): Acceptable dog behavior, Adult supervision of minors, Blanketing, Billing and payment policies, De-worming regimen, Emergency contacts and directions, Farrier and veterinary care, Hours of operation, Immunization requirements, Lessons, Trailer and equipment storage, Use of arenas and trails, Services and fees.

Please call Marla at 651-433-3341 to arrange a visit to the Lakeview Farm to learn more about all the quality services and amenities we offer.