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Certification Program

Starting in April, 2006, Lakeview Farm will be offering a certification program. Once passed, this program will allow you to ride one of our well-trained horses by yourself, whenever the horse is available. Classes will focus on many aspects of horsemanship in addition to riding. Created mostly for the inexperienced or beginner rider, the 3-day-classes cover everything from basic horse handling, tacking up and grooming, to horse health care and feed, to general trail riding skills and safety. The first two days of the course are classroom and riding while the third is test day. On the third day of the course, you will be assessed by one of our teachers or trainers who will decide if you are ready to go out on your own or if you need to take a few lessons first. If you don’t need any extended lessons, you will be free to ride anytime that the horse is available after that day.

If you do need to take extended lessons, the extra cost of those is not included in the $200 course fee. The cost is $30 per lesson and the session usually lasts about an hour. Upon finishing the amount of lessons you need for us to feel you are ready to go out on your own, your instructor will pass you and you may begin riding! You do not have to attend another test day but will be evaluated in your lessons.

For the more experienced or intermediate to advanced rider, there is an option to test out without taking the 3-day-class. You will need to make an appointment with one of our teachers or trainers to be tested out for a $75 fee and then you may begin riding!

Each rider will be required to ride the same horse every time so riding appointments depend on the availability of the horse. In order to keep his or her certification current, each rider will be required to ride at least one time per month. However, if certification is not kept current, the rider has the option to test out again for the $75 fee rather than taking the whole course over again. The fee for riding after certification is $10 per hour.

Anyone interested in leasing one of the farm horses on a monthly basis is also required to take the course or test out.